Deana (syntaxlies_) wrote in desirable_divas,

:x: Name = Deana
:x: Age = 14
:x: Location = Ringwood, New Jersey
:x: Dating status = Currently Single
:x: Favorite movie = The Notebook
:x: Favorite song = Shadow, Ashlee Simpson
:x: Favorite TV show = Newlyweds
:x: Any Idols? = Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, and Paris Hilton
:x: Best CD is = Ashlee Simpson, Autobiography
:x: Last person you've called = Amy
:x: Last person that's called you = Kaitlyn
:x: Last person you were thinking of = Brian Trapp
:x: Last thing you cried over = My pet dying
:x: Do you wish you could live somewhere else? = Yes, in California
:x: Favorite memory = My 8th Grade dance last year.
:x: Do you believe in online dating = No.
:x: Nicest thing you've done = My brothers hamster died a year ago, and he was so upset, So I went out and got him another hamster and a cage for it. He was happy!:)
:x: Meanest thing you've done = Told one of my best friends I would hang out with her, then ditched her for someone else.
:x: What are you scared of? = Bugs
:x: Write in cursive or print? = Depends what kind of mood im in, but mostly print
:x: Thoughts on long distance relationships = Hm..I wouldnt try it
:x: Thoughts on using someone = Thats so wrong! I would never use someone.
:x: Thoughts on suicide = Its sad that so many think they have to kill themselves to get out of a problem, why dont you just talk to a therapist or a consuler? It would be so much better to do that, rather than take your life away.
:x: Thoughts on the death penalty = Why cant you just keep them in prison forever?
:x: Thoughts on teenage smoking = What a filthy habbit! Its not good at any age. Plus you can die and get terribly sick from it.
:x: Thoughts on gay/lesbian relationships = Im all for it! If 2 people can love each other, there is nothing wrong!
:x: Thoughts on abortion = Please dont kill an innocent human! If you dont want it wen it's born, there is always shelter and adoption homes you can use.
:x: For or against removing "under God" from the US Pledge of Allegiance = I am Against. If you do not beleive in god, just dont say his name, say the one you beleive in.
:x: What makes you a great addition to our community = I
:x: Describe yourself in 4 words = fun, outgoing, loyal, trustworthy.
:x: Where did you promote our community? = my userinfo, and _circuits journal
:x: Last Words? = I hope I make it! <3
:x: Where did you hear about us or see our link? = I saw your link in xlovexmenot userinfo.

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