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Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of productiveness, but I'm back in action now (after writing a nice, 15 page paper on the geological features of Iceland *slams head into desk*). Ugh. Anyways. Moving on.

Here are some pictures from 4th of July which was really just a weekend bash at my friend's house. I also finally saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night and was pleasantly surprised.

Me and my mother and, of course, Tucker. I posted some pictures of me and my family in my journal and took a vote as to who I took after more -- Mom or Dad. Maybe we could do a theme like that here?

Bad picture, but I wasn't exactly dressing to impress. And no, those jeans are not like that because I bought them like that. They're bleached due to working at a doggie day care place and having to scrub the ground with gallons of Clorox. Ugh. Totally do not miss working there at all.

Me trying to arm wrestle my friend Ben, lol.

My friend Mike giving me some "help" even though an ox couldn't knock over Ben, hah.

The end result, hahaha.

Don't let stupid people play with chairs. Really. Don't.

And this was on the last day. Ah Ben, the life of the party.

My friend Mike having problems regaining his composure.

Finally back in my own room for once.

Okay, so with Fahrenheit 9/11 I wasn't expecting to find out much more than what I already know since I'm a political news junkie and leave, eat and breathe the stuff. I was expecting Moore to do a wonderful job of alienating liberals and conservatives alike, because he did just that with Bowling for Columbine. I can be as liberal as they get, but there were plenty of things I disagreed with on BfC that turned me off and just helped fan the Republican fires.

Surprisingly, though, Moore has tempered down some and if you have the same complaints about BfC that I did, go and see 9/11 anyways because you'll probably enjoy this a lot better. As he rightfully should, he gave this movie the seriousness and care that it needed given the subject matter, without giving Bush or his Saudi blood for oil information any slack. It had its funny moments, but the vast majority of it was upsetting and it just confirmed what I already knew with the monetary connection the Bush's will always have with the Saudis.

The information he gave really isn't that biased at all. I've heard exactly what he was telling the audience, especially about kicking black voters off the voting list by labeling them as felons even though they had no such past solely to gain a precious swing state, over and over again before and had it confirmed by many. I went into it ready to be hyper critical of Moore for giving liberals a bad name, but I think he learned his lesson from BfC.

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