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Are you a Desirable Diva?

See If You Make The Cut

>For Those Who Are Beautiful From The Inside Out<
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♥ We at desirable_divas strive to gather a group of people that attain beautiful qualities in their appearance and within their personality as well. We set ourselves apart from other communities by being less judgemental and open-minded to others, as we learn to appreciate the diversity among our applicants. We look to achieve a community filled with well-rounded, good people that will strengthen the rest of the group. ♥

(Please read so you wont be penalyzed)
You must be stamped to comment on other members.
All applicants MUST fill out our survey and include 3 pictures. We will not be voting on text only applications or picture only applications.
Your face must be clearly visible in atleast two of the three pictures.
You have 24 hours of submitting an application once you join the community. If you don't, you will be warned, then taken off the members list.
Absolutely NO nudes.
If re-applying you must use 3 different pictures.
Only Most Desired Ones (MDO's) and Mods may stamp members.
All members must use the LJ cut before the survey and pictures.
Always be polite. Drama will not be tolerated.
All applicants must paste one of our many banners in two different places, either a journal, your userinfo, or a community. You may select a banner at Our Banner Page.
If you fail to follow the rules, you will not be stamped. COME ON, they aren't that hard. =D
If you don't know how to do an LJ cut or upload photos, ask one of our members in a comment before applying. We don't want to ignore your post just because you didn't know how to do something.
Make sure to put "I love this community and its members" in the subject line to inflate our egos, but mainly so we know you've read the rules. =D
Please read this entire page! We have a "sore loser" policy. Make sure you fully understand it before you comment to our members.
You may promote, but only after mod approval. We do not wish to have much promoting so don't be shocked if you're shut down. E-mail xtremity saying what the community is and why you wish to promote it. just4sweetness@aol.com.
Have fun!

Owner/Maintainer: xtremity
Moderator: jazzy_rooster
Most Desired One: Re-voting in process... want to be an MDO? E-mail xtremity at just4sweetness@aol.com saying why you would make a great MDO.
Desirable Divas' Diplomat: princess_pritty
(All of the above may stamp members according to majority vote.)

Current Theme: Post your Political views. Title it "My Rant". If you have no knowledge of American politics, post some of which you know of.
(details in post)

We ask you be as detailed and thoughtful as possible
(Copy and Paste the following into a post behind LJ cut... no exceptions)
:x: Name =
:x: Age =
:x: Location =
:x: Dating status =
:x: Favorite movie =
:x: Favorite song =
:x: Favorite TV show =
:x: Any Idols? =
:x: Best CD is =
:x: Last person you've called =
:x: Last person that's called you =
:x: Last person you were thinking of =
:x: Last thing you cried over =
:x: Do you wish you could live somewhere else? =
:x: Favorite memory =
:x: Do you believe in online dating =
:x: Nicest thing you've done =
:x: Meanest thing you've done =
:x: What are you scared of? =
:x: Write in cursive or print? =
:x: Thoughts on long distance relationships =
:x: Thoughts on using someone =
:x: Thoughts on suicide =
:x: Thoughts on the death penalty =
:x: Thoughts on teenage smoking =
:x: Thoughts on gay/lesbian relationships =
:x: Thoughts on abortion =
:x: For or against removing "under God" from the US Pledge of Allegiance =
:x: What makes you a great addition to our community =
:x: Describe yourself in 4 words =
:x: Where did you promote our community? =
:x: Last Words? =
:x: Where did you hear about us or see our link? =

Last Update: July 2004
ladie_c <- Sore Loser
redhottelmo <-Sore Loser

*Indicates an inactive stamped member. Pending.

♥ Don't be a sore loser! Leave like a rockstar. Just because you are rejected it doesn't mean you aren't desirable. You just are not to our standards.
♥ DO NOT delete your post just because you are rejected, or under any circumstances. You may not leave the community until accepted or rejected. This may result in being banned or getting branded as a "sore loser".
♥ If you feel you are being harrassed/insulted by any members of desirable_divas, DO NOT do the same back. Have some class and notify xtremity via e-mail just4sweetness@aol.com. Please put "Complaints About Member" in the subject line. We do not want the drama. Don't further fuel it; take care of it.
♥ You may reapply and push your luck one more time. After being rejected a second time, please quietly leave the community.
♥ When a rejected member is labeled as a sore loser, this is either because they were rude, used degrading language, deleted their post, or offended our members in some way after receiving a "No" or got stamped with our rejection stamp. The only way to redeem yourself of being a sore loser is making a post apologizing to the community for whatever condemned you as a sore loser.
♥ Your post is appreciated and we thank you for your interest in our community!

Last Update: December 2004

♥ Be active! This is now your community. Post whatever you wish! This is a place to ask for advice, a general question, to tell us a story, or anything you feel like rambling about!
♥ Make sure to put "Stamped" in your subject lines when posting.
♥ Be critical! Our members must be very attractive and beautiful people inside and out, just like you are!
Do not insult applicants no matter what! This may result in getting kicked out of the community. If we receive a complaint from an applicant and the mods think it is unacceptable behavior, you will be left with a warning. If this warning is ignored, you will be asked to leave the community. If you do not leave, I will remove you myself.
♥ You may always be able to tell us your opinion, but be sure to be polite and considerate when pointing out something negative in someone's application or post.
♥ If you want to be a Most Desired One, notify xtremity. However, the MDO option will not be taking place until the community has reached a reasonable amount of members. No further action will be taking place, unless explained otherwise in a "Mod Post".
♥ Promote desirable_divas by pasting our banners... Our Banner Page.
♥ If you are inactive, be expected to be prompted to post, comment, or vote. If no response you run the risk of being placed in the rejection column. To avoid this problem, notify the mods so they know when you are going out of town, busy with school, or changing your username.

Our "Are You Desirable" Glitter Names Made by trble in g_r_a_p_h_i_x. Thanks!