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My Application xxx

I joined the community, I don't know a hundred percent yet if I am suppose to fill this survery thing out, but I saw another person fill it out before me and it looks to be some sort of application, hope I'm not making a fool of myself, but even if I am oh well :p I did it anyway, have fun learning about me...

:x: Name = Michelle or Chellie, to some.
:x: Age = 17
:x: Location = Connecticut
:x: Dating status = Taken Since o9-o4-o3 (David)
:x: Favorite movie = Remember The Titans and Shrek 1 + 2
:x: Favorite song = All deliberate speed- Mae
:x: Favorite TV show = Any reality show on MTV, especially True Life and I like Disney and TLC- mostly Boy meets world, What not to wear oh and I like Knock First--- Yah I don't have a certain favorite, too many to love :) xxx!
:x: Any Idols? = My mom and my friend- Dave (not boyfriend).
:x: Best CD is = Mae
:x: Last person you've called = Domenica
:x: Last person that's called you = Domenica
:x: Last person you were thinking of = David (boyfriend)
:x: Last thing you cried over = The wedding on tv, lol.
:x: Do you wish you could live somewhere else? = California!
:x: Favorite memory = Graduation, this past June oh and prom!
:x: Do you believe in online dating = Yes, it can work.
:x: Nicest thing you've done = Been an honest true friend.
:x: Meanest thing you've done = Lied to someone I loved.
:x: What are you scared of? = Dying.
:x: Write in cursive or print? = Print
:x: Thoughts on long distance relationships = If it's meant to be it can work out, people are different so it's not for everyone, but people can't be against it because that's like being against a wife waiting at home for her husband whose fighting in war.
:x: Thoughts on using someone = It's disgusting, but I think at some point everyone does it, it's human nature.
:x: Thoughts on suicide = Terrible, but I have been through friends going through it, and other situations, so I'm open to listening to any problem- Nothing is too big that you should take your life for. Trust me.
:x: Thoughts on the death penalty = Certain cases it should happen, I think.
:x: Thoughts on teenage smoking = I personally don't smoke nor like the smoke in my face because it hurts my head and nose, I have bad allergies, but if you want to do it, go head just don't force me, it's peoples rights to do what they want, I ain't going to knock or stop you, just don't bug me for my way of living.
:x: Thoughts on gay/lesbian relationships = If it's what you want, why not?
:x: Thoughts on abortion = In some situations I think it should be okay, for example a mother whose been on drugs her whole life, the baby is going to live this terrible life and be a vegatable or some extreme case like that, don't make it suffer. Other cases, there is adoption shelters and hopsitals who will take your child no questions asked.
:x: For or against removing "under God" from the US Pledge of Allegiance = Can't change the past.
:x: What makes you a great addition to our community = I think that I am a pretty level headed girl, whose always open to making friends, I am a good communicator and a bit of a joker, I also have intelligence and good decision making skills. I'm well-rounded and someone whose easy to get along with, I like people also. I am not perfect, though I'll admit it, with those good qualities comes some negative, but I like to get over them and I could use some new friends, so why aren't I a good addition?!
:x: Describe yourself in 4 words = Intelligent, Humorous, Loyal and Nuturing.
:x: Where did you promote our community? = I just joined a second ago so I am about to go read all that good information right now, but I'll probably post it somewhere in my journal.
:x: Last Words? = Pick me!! Pick me!!
:x: Where did you hear about us or see our link? = I saw your link in a note of another user, I don't remember their journal because I was just surfing.
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