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i love this community and its members (-:

:x: Name = Kee :)
:x: Age = 16
:x: Location = Green Bay, home of the Packers
:x: Dating status = Taken for almost 5 months now :)
:x: Favorite movie = Ghost, with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Kind of cheesy, but oh-so-sweet.
:x: Favorite song = Unchained Melody..what a coincidence!
:x: Favorite TV show = CSI Miami
:x: Any Idols? = Nicole Kidman..not only is she beautiful, she's very strong and self-confident. Not many women could pick themselves up after being dumped by Tom Cruise but she just picked up and moved on :)
:x: Best CD is = The Miss Saigon really, it's great.
:x: Last person you've called = Rachel, one of my good friends.
:x: Last person that's called you = Adam, the boyfriend.
:x: Last person you were thinking of = My little sister Jamie :)
:x: Last thing you cried over = Well, I went to the dentist yesterday morning, and they had to give me three shots of numbing stuff so I cried over that :(
:x: Do you wish you could live somewhere else? = Maybe Germany, but I'd get so homesick..I love Green Bay.
:x: Favorite memory = When my little sister was born almost 5 years ago! I remember my dad walking in and telling my brother and I we had a new sister. My brother ruined it, of course, by dropping his head to his knees in disappointment, but I was happy.
:x: Do you believe in online dating = It's not for me, I like having someone with me but I know people can be happy with it so all the more power to them :)
:x: Nicest thing you've done = Helping my mom out with my younger sister. It's not hard or anything, but she really does appreciate a couple free afternoons a week.
:x: Meanest thing you've done = Oh gosh, one time I lied to someone about why I broke up with them. I told them I wasn't ready for a committed relationship, when in reality I just couldn't stand him.
:x: What are you scared of? = Being kidnapped, losing anyone close to me, and going back to school in a month and a half..blech.
:x: Write in cursive or print? = I'm a waitress, so I have to print!
:x: Thoughts on long distance relationships = Too hard. I can be really flighty, so it'd probably be out of sight=out of mind. If I really loved someone though, I'd go for it.
:x: Thoughts on using someone = Bad..why use someone when you can get so much more fulfillment out of a real relationship? I dunno, it seems obvious to me.
:x: Thoughts on suicide = Not the weakness so many people make it out to be. It's tragic, especially that so many people feel the need to turn to it.
:x: Thoughts on the death penalty = I'm gray there..I think some people deserve it for what they've done, but how awful it is to find out that "Whoops, we had the wrong person."
:x: Thoughts on teenage smoking = Bad. All smoking is bad..why start?
:x: Thoughts on gay/lesbian relationships = I think love is love and people need to stop being so judgmental. I have gay/lesbian friends who've struggled with it for so long I have difficulty believing people who say that it's their choice and they just choose to be different. I don't think we should make it any harder for them to be happy.
:x: Thoughts on abortion = I wouldn't do it but I can see circumstances where a woman would need to..generally though, especially if it's just because of carelessness, I'm against it.
:x: For or against removing "under God" from the US Pledge of Allegiance = Against..people can always not say the pledge (like me) if it makes them uncomfortable.
:x: What makes you a great addition to our community = I'm optimistic, funny, and a pretty active person. I'm a social butterfly ;)
:x: Describe yourself in 4 words = outgoing, stubborn, optimistic, blonde.
:x: Where did you promote our community? = My livejournal :-)
:x: Last Words? = Great community..hope I can add to it!!
:x: Where did you hear about us or see our link? = Shared interest in "tanning" on my info page.

Me and one of my friends at Homecoming :)

My boyfriend Adam and I.

Wow, it had been a looooong day.
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